Our Mission is Simple

We can add value to every single college student's academic experience through our student internship program.  Whether its by driving the cost of textbooks lower or the personal growth students experience running their own business - we make a difference.

Here's what our
program alumni have to say:


Arjun R. at Indiana university, IN

1. This internship has offered me more freedom, and therefore more opportunities to learn how to discipline myself than other internships I have been offered for this summer. I have been able to travel to many different parts of the country (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Richmond, Cleveland, and New York) and seen beautiful campuses, many of which truly amazed me. I've been privileged to have been able to operate in places like these, compared to other sales internships where your work area is likely a desk/phone in an office or even going door to door. In addition, the monetary compensation for this job is much higher than anything that I have heard of, either with other places I've been offered or internships my friends have been working this summer. Lastly, instead of just trying to find "leads" which is what some other sales internships would have interns do, I am trusted with real direct sales experience where I get to close customers myself. This has given me a great sense of confidence and pride, knowing I am able to add value to both myself and another company completely on my own. 

2. I was recruited by a friend of mine who I worked with at a previous summer internship. This was important because I was able to see first hand how successful he was and wanted to replicate the same for myself. I also deeply trusted him and knew that he would be able to provide me with all the training/guidance necessary to succeed in this job, and that was very important. 

3. I had already had experience with the company from doing student buy backs at IU since May 2014, which was a pro. Because of the buy backs I knew the company was credible. A con would be that it was a pretty informal pitch to get me on board. Other companies have applications/interviews which provide interns with a greater sense of legitimacy and sense of validation since they were selected out of a pool of other people. 

4. The technical improvement on my approach has been tremendous. Before this job, when I would approach I would say too much at once and not give the other person enough space to interact with me. I was hesitant to allow too much silence because it made me anxious. But this summer I have learned to take my time with each person, and to slow things down if necessary to allow pauses where they can respond, so it feels like more of a two way cooperative interaction. I also am more direct with people. But in general, I would say I am much more present with each person, feeling like I am mentally all there with them instead of overthinking about the words I'm saying. Instead of saying I've "learned" to be more confident with strangers, I would say I've "practiced" being more confident with them directly as a result of this job. In your head, it's easy to be the most naturally confident person in the world but the only way to really become extremely confident is to practice over and over again with dozens of people every day, and that is something I have been able to do with this job. There is no substitute. 

5. Well I definitely am going to continue with this company as a campus captain at IU. The money really is great and will pay for pretty much all of my living expenses at school. It's also a fantastic way to stay "in shape" on my sales skills, especially when it comes to cold approaches. It's also just a very fun job. Walking through amazing campuses, meeting with ridiculously smart and social professors, and getting to travel to really cool cities each week is something that makes a 20 year old summer intern feel very lucky.

I definitely am going to continue with this company as a campus captain at IU.



Through SellMeBooks, I have learned sales and marketing strategies in addition to honing my public speaking and time management skills. SMB has made me a more effective communicator and a more organized student all the while providing a steady income that helps pay for college.



Book buyback has helped me become a more organized, social and financially stable college student. With book buyback you have to understand how to make appointments and be efficient with your time, because you are providing a service and students don't want to wait for hours to sell their textbooks, they want cash now. Getting out of your comfort zone and being more social is something that I have gained as well, because it is not easy approaching peers and asking them for their books, but after some practice it becomes fun. Financially, I have become a better college student because I can set monetary goals and hit them.