Academic Departments

College campuses are comprised of academic and administrative buildings. Professors and textbooks are located inside of academic buildings but not every academic department is created equal. The best academic departments change and sell their textbooks more regularly. Here is a list of best ( A-List ) departments to approach.

[ ] Business / Marketing / Finance
[ ] Sociology
[ ] Psychology
[ ] Nursing / Healthcare professions
[ ] Biology
[ ] Chemistry
[ ] Math / Statistics
[ ] Communication

Each campus will be different, so try each A-list department first and then approach the other academic departments on campus. In time you will find your favorite departments to work on each campus.


Your training manager will pick the college that you will work for your first day. Using Google Maps, the campus map, and the video below, you will locate these A-List departments on the campus you are working. ( Note - your campus may not have all of these departments )