BUYBACKS: First Things First

Buying binder editions:

You may find a ton of loose-leaf editions during the student buyback. They make great layup buys as students can’t sell them back to the book store.

We take binder editions ONLY if they are either:

  • In a binder

  • Still in the original packaging

Half the battle of buying a loose leaf edition is using the correct ISBN.  The other half is the condition.

1) Make sure you are using the loose leaf binder ISBN and not the Hardcover/paperback!

Make sure that you are either scanning the barcode that is actually printed on the pages or the ISBN on the inside copyright page. As a general rule, don’t pay more than $10 SGV for a binder edition. If you ring up a loose leaf for more than $10 SGV, more often than not you used the wrong ISBN.

As a general guideline, you’ll want to type in the isbn printed above the barcode (sometimes the barcode scans as a different isbn). If it’s already opened, used the copyright page. Usually you will see something like this

ISBN 978-1-285-07-197-5 ( loose leaf edition )
ISBN 978-1-285-07-197-6 ( Hardcover )
ISBN 978-1-285-07-197-7 ( Paperback )

If you go by the barcode/isbn that is on the cellophane packaging, this is often not the correct isbn.

2) Check for any damage or missing pages.

Follow the damage guidelines. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with any kind of damage to the cover/spine. The bad news is finding missing pages can be tricky.

If it’s sealed, you’re in luck. If its in a binder, flip through it and make sure things like the copyright page are included. Also, check the three ring holes for damage: they don’t need to be in perfect condition but if they look more like ovals than circles, buyer beware.