Book Condition: Please use good judgement on which books to buy and which ones not to buy. These are used books and will be in less than perfect condition, but do not buy water-damaged books, coffee-stained books, moldy books, books with torn covers, books with the binding coming apart at the seams, etc. These books will not be accepted.  If it is a binder edition, it must be in a 3 ring binder or shrink wrapped to be accepted. 

  • Sometimes the book store prices are higher than ours, and sometimes we are higher. We can buy back around 600,000 titles and the average book store can only buy a fraction of that. We also have consistent pricing and no quantity limits while the bookstores will fluctuate depending on supply of a certain title. All things being equal, most college kids would rather sell their books back to a local kid and get money immediately then deal with the book store BS or sell it online.



Avoid books we cannot take from you!

When you are buying books, it’s important to remember that any books you buy need to be resold to a student. You won’t be paid if you send in books that can’t be resold.

It's possible to damage books from packing your boxes poorly. Please read the packing guide to ensure all goods arrive in the same condition you bought them in.

Here are the deal breakers. Avoid if you see any of these:

  • Water Damage

  • Coffee Stains

  • Missing Pages, especially copyright pages or anything a student would need to use

  • More than 40% highlighting or writing

  • Spine is broken or torn away from cover

  • Pages loose or torn from binding

  • Incomplete sets (ex: boxed sets of books/three book sets)

  • Anything labeled “Test Bank”

  • Study guides/Lab Manuals that are more than 20% written in

  • “Preview Copy” that doesn’t contain the full text

  • Instructor Manuals (different from instructor editions)

  • Discolored or Damaged Covers – more than 25%

  • Spine is in tact, but has some wear and tear at the top/bottom

Use your best judgement on this. Don’t buy crap and then expect to get paid. Remember that these books need to be resold to students.

Make sure it has any CDs and/or Access Codes.

If the app says “w/CD” or “w/Access code”, make sure it has those. If the CD or access code is missing, you will be paid the listed SGV + your commission rate off the SGV (not wholesale).

Sometimes access codes and CD’s will ring up separately (you may sometimes buy just CDs from foreign language students).  If they are still sealed, unscratched, and unopened you will be paid on those accordingly.

Make sure what comes up on the scanner matches the actual book.

This is really rare, but sometimes you’ll scan a barcode or enter an ISBN and it wont match what the actual book is. Especially when the bookstores have put on a bunch of additional stickers/barcodes on the book. If in doubt, use the isbn on the inside copyright page.