This is the fun part! Our company does a huge push right before Finals, and during, to ensure as many students as possible see the campus appointment link. Students fill out a quick appointment form that details out their phone number and when / where they would like one of your student reps to meet them. 

These appointments will be emailed to you, so all you have to do is copy the email content / screenshot it, and text / email it over to your student reps, who effectively then act as runners. It’s very important that you ask your student reps how best to get in touch with them, because it’s important to reach every student that schedules an appointment. You’re helping them get money back for textbooks they will no longer use, and are helping us send them to students that could use them in the next semester for much less than they would have to pay at the bookstore. Be kind, be helpful and know that you do a great thing.