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Ask your recruiter if you have questions about any of the following.

Other challenges you may run into that you should ask your recruiter about:

  • A few fraternity brothers / sorority sisters in the same house are buying
  • Not getting many appointments--push dorm storming
  • Checking in all the books afterwards--do you rescan all books that student reps give you before paying out?
  • Pick up books from student reps every night / every other night -- pay out there commission.
  • Make sure students have enough money for the day (prevent 9:30pm calls for cash)
  • Greek announcements weren’t announced enough (people don’t remember one announcement for when you’ll be in the house)
  • How do you prevent appointment-based price checking
  • Kid that tried downloading the database, and the syncing didn’t work--make sure the two numbers match on the more tab