Let's go over recruiting. This part will answer the question regarding through what process you should go to bring on student reps that will work for you this buyback season.

  • Greek and campus organizations
    • Cold-calling process
    • Warm lead process
    • Goal is to spread the “ad” to as many people as possible
    • How to make an announcement
    • How to use an email system
    • How to use social media
  • Campus organizations
  • Distributing flyers
    • Either delegating or doing it yourself
  • Announce that you're building a team in class
  • Talk to faculty about buying in class, especially if bookstore won’t buy (go ahead and start talking to them when you ask about making an announcement that you're building a team of students in class)
  • When you meet with a student rep (potential candidate) -- have them bring all their books to that meeting and scan books to show what we would pay for book

Okay, now let's go over the next component.

When you're at a fraternity / campus organization:

  1. Appointment with the president—talk to them about speaking at next chapter meeting. 
  2. Have the campus captain get up and say something. 
  3. Pass around a form. 
  4. Have every person pull out their phones and like the Facebook page. 
  5. Think of good questions to ask.
  6. Tell them to expect the appointment link.
  7. Focus is on finding someone that wants to make money before the holidays.