Congratulations on being selected to be a Campus Captain for your school's buyback! Let's go over a few things.

First off: your responsibilities. Captains will need to be free for at least 20 hours during the Finals week. They are in charge of absolutely everything, and if some of this doesn't make sense, don't worry! We'll go over each section and how to be most effective. Just to be clear, however, the list of responsibilities includes:

  • Recruiting of student representatives from various sources
  • Receiving company money and being entirely responsible for those funds
  • Distributing cash to student reps that will do the actual book transactions
  • Understanding at all times who has money, and how much they have
  • Distributing appointments that come in from our various campaign sources
  • Making sure all customer information is being collected
  • Boxing and shipping of all books after picking them up from each student rep DAILY
  • Optional, but a great idea: faculty buy during the day

Okay, now let's go over each component.