Thank You For Your Application

We will have one of our hiring assistants contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens Next?

Next you will be called by one of our hiring assistants for a 10 minute inital phone screening to address the details of the position. At the end of the phone screening we will invite you for a 3-4 hour shadow day experience with one of our textbook field trainers so you can see the position up close to decide if this would be a good fit for you.

Are their health benefits?

We do not provide health benefits because as a textbook buyer you will be considered an independent contractor (1099). You will however have more job flexibility, freedom, and tax incentives than a typical employee (W2).

How soon can I start?

Our on-boarding process is pretty short, typically 2-3 days. After the inital phone screening and shadow day we will invite promising applicants to complete our work day interview where they will be provided with brief online training information that will prepare them to purchase a couple of textbooks on their own. Once finished, we will welcome them as a new textbook buyer.

Do you provide training or support?

Yes we do! We have a back office team whose sole purpose is to assist you through our on-boarding process and first few months as a new textbook buyer. We even have a corporate sales pitch and online training videos to help you get up and running, plus you will be able to shadow more of our veteran textbook field trainers in the future.