Textbook Buyer

Job Description

As a textbook buyer you will use company money and our phone app to
purchase unwanted textbooks from college bookstores and professors. You will
then send all purchased textbooks to the company warehouse for processing.

Once you understand and excel at purchasing textbooks you will also take on
the role of sales trainer, where you will be in charge of new applicants and show them
how to perform as a textbook buyer.

As you continue to perform in your new role as a sales trainer you can become a
training manager who recruits and trains a team of buyers on your own. You will
be in charge of their territory and sales performance.

We appreciate talent and hard work and adjust your pay scale to the roles and responsibilities that you take on.

Job requirements

  • Must be able to direct approach cold leads

  • Able to handle soft rejection

  • Good physical health and energy

  • Ability to walk 3-4 miles per day with ease

  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds for short periods of time

  • A reliable automobile and valid U.S. drivers license

  • A strong and resilient work ethic

  • Self motivated

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Must be willing to travel up to 4 hours radius for work

  • Past experience in direct sales and sales management is a BIG plus

Starting compensation

UP to $19,200 base (stipend) and $35,000 - $55,000 in starting commission.
Base stipend and commission increase with sales and management ability. A higher full commission pay structure is available.

Job Growth Opportunities

  • Field rep / Textbook buyer ( 1-3 months working )

  • Trainer ( 3-6 months working )

    • Help train new buyers in the field

    • Bonus pay structure

  • Manager ( 6+ months working )

    • Build a team by recruiting and training new buyers

    • Increase pay structure

    • Get paid production bonuses for your team

Job benefits

  • Create your own work schedule

  • Industry high commission rates

  • Production bonuses

  • Company trip incentives

  • Advanced sales training

  • Academic schedule - no nights or weekends

  • Up to 6-8 weeks vacation time

  • Amazing people to work with

Candidates with previous direct sales experience are strongly
encouraged to apply.

To be considered, please click "Apply Now" and complete online
application. Equal Opportunity Employer.