Lastly we want to address our basic corporate structure. Our company is broken into three identities that handle different roles and responsibilities. 

Bluegrass Book Buyers

Bluegrass Book Buyers is the name of our company. It holds our certified Benefit Corporation status and is who we operate as when hiring new buyers. Under the Bluegrass Book Buyers company, we have two different book buying programs.


Recycle-A-Textbook is our business to business flagship brand. If you are buying from a bookstore, a library, athletic department or any other business then you work for Recycle-A-Textbook.


SellMeBooks is the company name used when buying from a single person like a professor or a student. If the person selling the books does not represent a company or larger business then you will tell them you work with SellMeBooks.


Do not proceed unless you have shadowed a field trainer and/or are preparing for your first day interview.