How do the books you buy save students money?

The books we buy are processed and put back up on the market through our own retail site or other websites such as Amazon. The prices that we list books at are generally 20% less than competing discount books, saving students money. By flooding the market with these discount books we can also increase supply to match demand and thus drive down the cost of textbooks overall.

Do you buy every book or just certain ones?

We are proud to sport one of the largest databases of titles to buy from. While many book stores around the nation work with roughly 100,000 - 300,000 titles, our database ranges from 500,000 - 1,500,000 titles at any given time. This is because we buy a lot of older books that other companies don't. So while we do buy more books than our competitors, we don't buy every book. Books we do not buy include custom editions, damaged books and books that are not being utilized anywhere in the United States.

What happens to the books that you buy?

Each book is sent back to our warehouse in Kentucky where it is checked, processed, and listed back online for students and organizations to purchase at a low cost. If a book is not purchased it is usually given to the International Book Project where it will be donated to a non-profit organization overseas. If a book is too old to qualify for the International Book Project then we will recycle it.



Do we provide training?

SMB provides fantastic training to our interns, part-time and full-time workers. We have online training videos as well as local full-time sales managers throughout the U.S. that are on call and willing to assist in personalized coaching, mentorship, job shadowing, and technical training.

How many hours per week?

Each person working with SMB, from our interns to our full-time workers, creates their own work schedule and therefore must answer this question for themselves. In other words, this is an effort-based opportunity where the more you apply yourself and the harder you work, the more you’ll benefit from your efforts.

Will getting started cost me anything?

We work on a case-by-case basis but for most of the people who work with us there are no upfront fees involved. SMB provides each intern, part-timer and full-timer with a “business in a box”, all of the necessary tools required to start succeeding and making money from day one

Do I have to be a business or sales major to qualify for the internship?

Absolutely not! Our internship is open to students in every field and major. There are just four qualities that we look for in a perfect candidate: honesty, coachability, hard working, and able to handle rejection.