Campus Book Buying Policies 

Because we work with campus professors and their academic departments we do not check in with admissions and campus security before we start buying textbooks. If the professors and their departments allow the buying of textbooks then very rarely is it ever a problem with the rest of campus. Sometimes you will meet a professor or department that tells you that they do not allow textbook buying and it is important to know how to handle that.


If you come across a professor who tells you that they do not allow textbook buying on campus go talk to 1-2 more professors of the same department. Often times if you ask another professor in the department about their books they will sell them to you. In which case that particular professor had a personal policy of not selling their books and misrepresented the rest of campus. It would be best to ignore that professor and continue buying as usual.

Departmental policies

If multiple professors in the same department tell you that they do not allow textbook buying then it would be best to move on to another department and see if they tell you the same thing. If one department doesn’t allow textbook buying but another one does then that department probably has a dean with anti-book buying policies, but the campus as a whole is fine to purchase from. That is what we call a departmental policy.

Campus-wide policy

If 2-3 departments all tell you that they do not allow textbook buying on their campus then there is probably a campus-wide anti-textbook buying policy and you may consider relocating to a different campus in your area. Your training manager should help you avoid these most of the time but it is important to note that even if all of campus does not allow textbook buying, the bookstore may sell books to you ( refer to ) and/or you can collect textbook donations ( refer to ).

Dealing with Security

In extreme cases you may be approached by campus security and asked to leave a campus. This doesn’t happen very often but if it does it might be best to remember that campus and/or department on that campus that most likely contacted security and not return.