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Important Contact People

Buying, sales, operational questions, contact: Brandon Devlin - Sales and Training - (804) 338-3659

Issues with cash, shipping, check-ins, general buying questions, contact: Jamin Kozak (pronounced Jay-man) - Operations / Warehouse Manager (859) 312-7558 

Issues with cash or the app, contact: Al Young - CFO - (718) 644-1306

Issues with Appointment Scheduling, contact: Konrad Kosmala - Tech Manager - (828) 719-5559 , konrad.kosmala@gmail.com


Scott Pennebaker - CEO - (859) 433-3941


Additionally, here is the SellMeBooks back office/warehouse direct number, which is open 9-5 eastern time Monday through Friday


This email is monitored from 6AM to Midnight every day: Textbooktycoon@yahoo.com

Welcome Notes

We are really excited for our Fall 2015 Student Buyback. Over the next 4 weeks, we expect to buy back textbooks from thousands of college students across the country. We will have campus captains at over 50 schools in the U.S., paying cash on-demand for textbooks.  Our goal is to provide a convenient, fun way for students to sell back their books during an incredibly stressful time of the year. 

Below, we have outlined some of the most important pointers, tips, advice, and instructions to ensure that you'll have a delightful experience with SellMeBooks. Always remember that you're essentially running a small business with us as your partners, and you should try to think and act like a business owner

Very Important Information:

  • If you are receiving a Comdata card and receiving cash advances you will have an account balance with SMB.
  • Make sure that you request boxes and shipping labels and personally ship books directly to SMB to offset any account balance.
  • DO NOT co-mingle your books or your cash with any other campus buyer.
  • DO NOT check in or cash out your books to any other campus buyer.
  • If you have any questions about this please contact Jamin (pronounced Jay-man) in the back office. 859-312-7558.
  • In order to have cash continuously advanced throughout the buyback, you must keep track of your customers. In addition, we'll pay $1 per customer entered--if you have 200 customers, that's an easy extra $200.

Getting Started

  • Book Condition: Please use good judgement on which books to buy and which ones not to buy. These are used books and will be in less than perfect condition, but do not buy water-damaged books, coffee-stained books, moldy books, books with torn covers, books with the binding coming apart at the seams, etc. These books will not be accepted.  If it is a binder edition, it must be in a 3 ring binder or shrink wrapped to be accepted. 
    • Sometimes the book store prices are higher than ours, and sometimes we are higher. We can buy back around 600,000 titles and the average book store can only buy a fraction of that. We also have consistent pricing and no quantity limits while the bookstores will fluctuate depending on supply of a certain title. All things being equal, most college kids would rather sell their books back to a local kid and get money immediately then deal with the book store BS or sell it online.
  • Please keep books/money separate - Your purchased books must be kept separate from any other buyers' books. Same with the money.
  • How the Money Works: This is very important!!! 
    • Each person with a Comdata card will have a running account with SMB and be responsible to ship books to SMB directly to offset their balance. 
      • Here is an example of how the money would work: At the end of the week SMB has loaded $2000 to your comdata card. Buyer spent $1500 on books and after earning a 30% commission has made $450. So, total check in of books would be $1500 (books value) + $450 (30% commission) - $2000 (advances from SMB) = $50 owed back to SMB and the rest of the money left over on the comdata card from the advances is buyers to keep. 
      • Another Example:  SMB has loaded $2000 to your comdata card. Buyer spent $1900 on books and after earning a 30% commission has made $570. So, total check in of books would be $1900 (books value) + $570 (30% commission) - $2000 (advances from SMB) = $470 owed to the buyer and will be loaded onto the comdata card after books have been checked in. The other $100 should either still be on the card or already withdrawn by the buyer. 
    • The numbers will never work our this cleanly but for the sake of explaining it I used whole numbers. It is impossible for us to know exactly how much money you will need prior to the buyback. However, we want you to spend as much as you can and remember we can always get you more money in real time.
  • Logging customers: Make sure that you are logging your customers name and email as you check them out thru the app. This is not a suggestion but a requirement. This allows us to track spending on the back end and have confidence in loading your comdata card with more money throughout the week. In addition, we will pay you $1 for every customer you log into the app. 
  • Get a Fanny Pack! It isn't sexy but it'll keep your money safe and sound. Please be smart and realize that the money is a loan and you are personally responsible for it. 
  • Lots of Money Denominations: You should get money in 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s. Round Down if a books scans for $10.50. Don't make change! You can hit up a bank in the morning if necessary and the comdata cards work at any ATM. Remember that the ATM will more than likely give you 20s and you will need to make change.
  • We will load everyone's Comdata card with $200 to begin with. After this if you need more money, just text or call anyone on our team and we will get the money on there ASAP.
  • Please ship boxes every day if possible: It sounds like UPS usually has a campus location, so this shouldn't be a problem. Please write your name and school on every carton for proper credit. Also, please scan the tracking numbers into the app under MORE tab and then SHIPMENT. This way we can track boxes accordingly.
    • Every day (during the week of finals, excluding the day after finals) that you ship, you will be paid $20


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