The ultimate goal for most of our buyers is to make a ton of money buying books for a couple hours during finals week. In this section we will cover how you are paid and the check-out process.

We already mentioned that you are paid 20% of the total of the books you buy. Let’s break that down a little more with day by day so you can better understand.


Days worked : 5 (Monday through Friday)
Hours worked per day : 3 hours (x 5 = 15 hours total)
Monday bought : $125
Tuesday bought : $420
Wednesday bought : $300
Thursday bought : $400
Friday bought : $500
Total amount purchased : $1745 x 20% commission
Profit : $349
Amount of damaged books bought : - $50
Total payout : $349 - $50 = $299

In this example you are purchasing Monday through Friday of Finals week and you have blocked out 3 hours per day to buy books in the dorms and approach fraternities / sororities in the evenings. The first day of finals isn’t a huge day for you, and that’s ok. It isn’t uncommon for the beginning of the week to be a little slower than the end of the week. As the week goes on more and more people are ready to sell their books and your purchases increase. By the end of the week you’ve bought quite a few books, including $50 of damaged books. Unfortunately we can’t pay you for that so you basically donated $50 to a needy student. After you go through the check out process with your campus captain they hand you $299 and you enjoy your holiday break a little richer and a little happier.

The Check Out Process

As you purchase books you will need a safe place to store them until you are out of space or done buying books. You will schedule a time for your campus captain to stop by to collect your extra cash/books and cash you out. Before this happens you will rescan every book your purchased and then complete the order, which will be sent to the company for review. Your campus captain will also want to check through the books you have purchased for any damages, etc. As long as you have kept your money and books safe, the check out process will be quick and painless.