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Whether it's paying less than your classmates for the same titles each semester, or earning a phenomenal wage in our student internship, we can add value to your academic experience.

What other interns are saying


"SellMeBooks opened my eyes to the reality of how being in business for myself is one of the most rewarding experiences someone could have professionally. Both the financial benefits and the personal growth opportunities are huge at SellMeBooks, and it really is a lot of fun."

- Arjun R, Indiana University


"Through SellMeBooks, I have learned sales and marketing strategies in addition to honing my public speaking and time management skills. SMB has made me a more effective communicator and a more organized student, all the while providing a steady income that helps pay for college."

- Robert G, High Point University


"Book buyback has helped me become a more organized, social and financially stable college student. With book buyback you have to understand how to make appointments and be efficient with your time, because you are providing a service and students don't want to wait for hours to sell their textbooks, they want cash now. Getting out of your comfort zone and being more social is something that I have gained as well, because it is not easy approaching peers and asking them for their books, but after some practice it becomes fun. Financially, I have become a better college student because I can set monetary goals and hit them. "

- Katie C, Michigan State University

Student Intern

SellMebooks prides itself on two things - lowering the cost of college textbooks and offering the highest paying part-time job on campus. As a student, you are in a unique position to best serve your campus community. At the end of the semester, you run a large student buyback that's tailor-made for the modern-day collegian. Rather than dealing with long lines at the book store or the hassle of selling books back online, our interns go to the student with an on-demand buying service. Your classmates will sincerely appreciate selling their books back to a fellow student who can offer on-demand service and competitive prices for their textbooks. 

Students are also eligible for our summer internship, which consists of networking with bookstores and K-12 organizations and, on a case-by-case basis, set up book donation programs on college campuses. SMB has grown steadily since our founding in 2010, and we now work on hundreds of universities across the United States, buying from thousands of students each semester. 

Hours are flexible, and interns can choose whether or not they would like to intern during just the summer, just a semester during school, or both.



  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Hard-working
  • Self-Motivated
  • Coachable
  • Able to handle rejection

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