Purchasing Books

Around finals week thousands of students on your campus have books that they will want to sell. Their typical options are…

  1. The bookstore--which everyone knows is terrible.

  2. Selling online--this seems like a better option but often times books take months to sell and most online stores take up to 20% of the profit for themselves.

  3. Sell their books to us--we are offering a great service where the seller doesn’t even have to leave their home. They are paid cash instantly and our prices often match, if not exceed what the bookstore offers.

Our phone App

We use a downloadable phone app to scan, price, and purchase textbooks. This makes buying books incredibly simple. Use the videos below to download and register on the app. Once registered we will need to approve your account before you can use the app. Contact Konrad at (828) 719-5559 to get your account approved faster.

Avoiding Damaged Books

The company will not pay you for any damaged books bought and since students are fairly notorious for taking poor care of your books, you will want to inspect each book before you buy it. This video will walk you through the typical damages you will want to watch out for.