Buyback Training

Welcome to your student buyback training for campus reps. We are excited to have you as a part of our team, and have put together this training module to learn everything you need to know in order to purchase a ton of books and earn a lot of money during finals week.

Brief overview:

  • Your campus captain--you will be working under the supervision of your campus captain. They are there to make sure the entire buyback runs smoothly and help you if you have questions or need money to buy textbooks with. Often times they are also a fellow student with their own finals, and are overseeing several other campus reps. Help them help you buy being patient and appreciative of their time.

  • The money--your campus captain will give you money to purchase textbooks with--you’re responsible for making sure that money is only used for book purchases, and that at the end of the buyback, you return the full value amount either in cash, or in books purchased. Its EXTREMELY important to keep track of your money and not to lose it.

  • The textbooks--we purchase over 500,000 different books, a lot more than any other textbook company. Every book will be made available for students across the U.S. as discount books or donated overseas to non-profit organizations.

  • Customer service--these are your fellow classmates. You’re helping them get money back for textbooks they will no longer use, and are helping us send them to students that could use them in the next semester for much less than they would have to pay at the bookstore. Be kind, be helpful and know that you do a great thing.