You can get books through a variety of methods, and the best way to buy tons of books is by doing a combination of all of these. Here are the most common, systematic methods:

  • Dorm storming -- just going through a dorm with cash and knocking on doors. You’d be shocked by how many books you can buy in a short amount of time!

  • Selling your individual appointment link on your social media channels

  • Using your fraternity / sorority and friends network to find people with books

Let’s go through some details:



Dorm storming is fun--you run into tons of other students, and you really are like a dorm Santa. You save students TONS of time and energy, because they don’t have to take their books to the bookstore, and you’re usually even paying them more! Talk about an easy way to make friends and sponsor an extra day of skiing over the holidays, a few extra Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, or even just a really awesome way to help that kid that’s paying for all of their own schooling.

Here’s a script that you should save quickly that explains how to approach students.



On the Student Rep Dashboard at the end of this tutorial, you will find multiple templates that you can download and use in social media posts. The point is to get friends and total strangers to schedule an appointment with you, or text you, so be sure to include your individualized appointment link and your cell phone number. Take photos of books and post them to instagram, take Snapchat videos of you thumbing through cash that you’re paying (be sure to pick it up afterwards and count it if you decide throwing it around is a better idea). The point here: tell everybody and everyone that you’re buying books, and that you’ll meet them wherever works best for them.



If you're in a fraternity or a sorority, there's a template for an email to send to your Exec Board about buying in the house--the same goes for any organizations you're a part of on campus. All of this is easily downloadable on the Student Rep Dashboard to which you'll be directed at the end of this guide.


Daily Item Checklist--here’s a quick list of things you can do on a daily basis to make sure you make buying books super fun and successful:

  • Social media posts

  • Emailing to organization

  • Having organization exec board post on social media FOR YOU

  • Text your friends

  • Print out some of the pre-made flyers, or make your own, and post them around campus with your appointment link (or even make a QR code for people to scan!)

  • Post on campus

  • Put under doors in dorm

  • Email faculty about buying in class if you know the bookstore isn’t buying back a certain class’s books

  • Go to the bookstore and figure out which books you pay more for, or can even take that the bookstore isn’t buying back