Colleges do slow down during the summer months which means it can be difficult to find the 40+ professors each day that you are use to seeing, but your mindset should switch from quantity to quality, as in the people that you are able to find are going to be worth more textbooks than what you are use to during the regular semester. There are also a lot of great things happening on campus that will make the summer months your favorite time to purchase textbooks.


Many other textbook buyers don't buy in the summer months because of their limited buying guide. Since we are a larger company with a much larger range of books that we can purchase we are still able to function and make great money, even during the summer.


Most summer classes start back up shortly after the end of the spring semester. This means that while not every professor will be around, there will still be plenty of people to talk to. You will also find professors who don't teach during the summer also in their offices, doing research, or cleaning up.


People will be moving offices and even moving out of their buildings due to campus construction, which means that they will only take the books they REALLY want. This is a great time for you to help them sell off the books they will not be taking to their new office.


Professors will usually put unwanted books in the hallways or outside their offices with a big "FREE" sign above them. These can be a great source of SGV that you pay absolutely nothing for!


After student buybacks are done bookstores, athletic departments, and for-profit school bookstores will be bursting with inventory that they need to sell. This is the perfect time to buy thousands of SGV for half price and all in a very short amount of time. If you don't know how to work these businesses or have questions please let Bryan (270) 860-5016 know.


We don't normally focus on K-12 schools because they are usually more work and less value than buying from faculty but during the summer K-12 schools do begin to sell off unwanted books which we can buy.

Being Effective During The Summer

  1. Look at your local colleges’ academic calendars before going. For most schools summer classes start usually within 2 weeks after finals end. Showing up before classes start could mean that you run into empty campuses with little to nothing going on.

  2. Start early! Professors are on campus early and leave early during the summer. IF you show up late to campus you may miss many big opportunities. Start approaching by 8am and expect campuses to start slowing down around 1:30pm.

  3. Focus on larger schools with over 7,000 students. These schools will have more going on than smaller colleges.

  4. Utilize our email system to generate warm leads during the summer. This will help immensely.


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