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How to tape a box once you've packed it:

Taping up a box is a simple yet important thing to learn. You want your boxes taped up tight so that the books don’t slide around during shipping. The more the books are able to slide, the higher risk you have of books arriving damaged (which we can’t pay you on).

Here are some quick tips for taping up your boxes

Step 1) Tape the center seam.

First thing you will want to do is tape the center seam. Use 2-3 pieces of tape for this one. Should look like this

Step 2) Tape the edges and middle. 

Next you’ll want to tape the middle of the box (use 1-2 strips for this) and then tape down both corners. It should look something like this

Step 3) Fold the tape to create a tight seal.

For the edges, you’ll want to fold them in a specific order.

A) It will start out looking like this.

B) Fold the vertical section of tape across the box like so.

C) Then fold the horizontal section of tape down.

Repeat for the other side. Once the box is packed, tape the top of the box in the same way.