Tip #23 | setting up the buy

I can tell you that from working with as many people as I have, the number one thing that I notice is buyers ask this after they scan a shelf: “okay, which books do you want to get rid of?”

This not only makes the professor think that you're just in this for the money, but also that you're in a hurry.

Instead, try this: remind them that we do a good thing and prepare their expectations.

“Just to let you know, anything I buy today, we sell at about half the normal cost to keep it super low for students. So, nothing you have is worth a million bucks. You probably won’t pay off your mortgage today haha!

But, we can find good hands for them. So, if you are open-minded to parting with a book, then let's pull it out and make a pile. If you need to keep it, no big deal, we'll just push it back in.”

I’m explaining the process while lowering their price expectations and giving them an understanding as to what we do with the books. Because of this, I very rarely have people ask me how much individual books cost. I give them one bulk price because they don’t care; they are in it now to help students save money on their textbooks.