Tip #25 | have a plan

Have a plan.

It’s important to plan where you're going for the next few weeks (especially here in December so you can finish the year strong)!

It’s also 100% easier to change a plan than not have one at all. Along with planning your route in advance, it’s also very important to plan each day the night before. It’s as easy as Googling “school name campus map” and “school name faculty directory.”

You don’t need to write down individual names of professors, but you’re just looking for where each department is located on campus. So if you see a Math professor, for example, click his/her name and write down what building he/she is in.

Do the same for Psychology, Sociology, languages, each science, etc.

Knowing exactly where you’re going to park the night before and exactly what building you’re starting in, can save an hour or more each day, which is literally thousands per semester!