Why do students work with SMB?

Students are drawn to SMB for two main reasons: real world business experience and top-notch compensation. We give students an opportunity to apply what they read about in the classroom and pay them, on average, better than any other campus job opportunity. SMB is a very unique work experience for a college student because of its entrepreneurial nature. Our interns have an opportunity to run their own small business in college where they’re responsible for all of the sales, marketing, accounting, and inventory. The average SMB intern makes approximately $25 per hour of work; this amount can vary depending on skill level and individual effort.

At SMB, we strive to not only send reduced-priced books to an enormous amount of college students, but to also add as much value on college campuses as possible. Our sole purpose is to help students save money on their textbooks and make their education more affordable, and more meaningful. Last year alone we saved students over 1.4 million on the cost of their textbooks.